Stories of the Neighbourhood

The task in this workshop was to deal with one’s own neighbour and his life form, to place him in a new field of relationship and to think about the spatial conditions of this new neighbourhood, to shape the new neighbourhood.
Neighbourhood describes in different ways a juxtaposition, a superimposition or an underneath each other. It is about the relationship between one’s own and the foreign, spatially speaking of the inside and the outside. Neighbourhood means special forms of coexistence and how these manifest themselves spatially. The spatial manifestation is often a reflection of the human-personal constitution of the neighbours to each other.
The border is an essential element of neighbourhood. It encloses the actual territory. Wall to wall, fence to fence, hedge to hedge are classical forms of demarcation or enclosure. Thus, the distances between individual neighbours are also different: from a wall-to-wall relationship, to the distance between two houses or a walk between two courtyards.
Even though the neighbour always means the next door, there is always something mysterious left. The identity of the neighbour is never entirely clear. Suspicions, ideas or conjectures are made to get a picture of the neighbour.

On 31 July 2020 the exhibition In|filtration _ Ein|sickerung was opened at @ esc medien kunst labor in Graz

Workshop ILE 9 (Intensive Learning Event): 25.5.2020 – 29.5.2020



This interdisciplinary project is an experiment taking place within the debate on interactions between art, science, and technology. The exhibition is part of the Graz Cultural Year 2020  parcours Algorithmic Segments.

A collaboration between the Master Module in Art, Science and Technology (MAST) at the Institute of Spatial Design / TU Graz, and Algorithms that Matter (Almat) at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) / KUG Graz. Exhibition esc media art lab 2020, within the parcours Algorithmic Segments – Graz Kulturjahr 2020.

Start Time

12:00 am

2nd June 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

6th June 2020


Graz University of Technology, Institute of Spatial Design TUG, Graz

Event Participants

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