MAST partner Kitchen Budapest left the consortium in October 2018 due to internal reorganisations of the partner. The tasks of Kitchen Budapest have been redistributed among the rest of the partners. E.g. other curricular solutions were implemented throughout other intensive courses and the curriculum, such that pertain to developing entrepreneurial attitudes and reflecting career and employment possibilities especially in the context of Creative Industries.

Kitchen Budapest (KiBu) is an internationally recognized open innovation lab with more than 10 years of experience. The organization has started out as an experimental media lab in 2007 with the aim to provide talented young people with space, equipment, mentoring and network to realize their projects.

Since the beginnings, KiBu has been a bridge between academic life (theory) and the realm of business (capital) by applying an interdisciplinary approach together with highly collaborative and hands-on practices.

In 2013 KiBu started its idea development program (Talent Program) that recruits young people to form a team and work along in the lab for half a year. The aim of the program is to mentor them in different areas of expertise from development and research to business management and design and guide them towards a working prototype or a feasible proof of concept.

KiBu organizes regular events like hackathons, meetups, workshops, design sprints and lectures to facilitate knowledge construction.

Themes that frame our activities now are big data, neural networks, deep learning, augmented and virtual reality technologies and artificial intelligence. We apply these emerging technologies that contribute to enormous social transformations to realize meaningful, human-centered projects.


MAST team | Kitchen Budapest

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