podMAST is a series of open conversations among relevant voices from the crossings of Art, Science and Technology. Springing from an apparent need for (archiving and reflecting) in-depth knowledge about this timely crossover, it shall remain publicaly accessible to incite dialog with other interested practitioners and thinkers. Also it is to serve as study material for the newly developed international Master Module in Art, Science and Technology (MAST) of the project www.mastmodule.eu.

podMAST / Margherita Pevere Edits

The Wetlands between Art and Science.

podMAST / Chris Csikszentmihalyi

Innovation on European and Social terms for a solidarity among disciplines.

podMAST / Round Table Rutz Miko Madeira Dig

Towards a better solidarity of artists and producers in sonic arts.

podMAST / Mauel Beltran

Creating better models of data work through big exercises of imagination

podMAST / Pauline Miko

Plants are my fellow DJs.

podMAST / Hanns Holger Rutz

Algorithms matter and one should better understand them.

podMAST / Sanja And Janez Leban

20 years of Sajeta festival: Respecting (non)human co-existence versus commercial expansion

TINA: fotografije ni oz. je popolnoma premajhna

podMAST / Theresa Schubert

Unconventional visions of nature and the self.

podMAST / Oliver Baurhenn

Facing the Berghain Effect: How clubculture breeds (e)quality.

podMAST / Cristina Fiordimela

Embodying data by decolonisation of Thinking.

podMAST / Alois Yang

Sonic happenings; the ecology of feedback loops to capture the energy of the moment.

podMAST / Kyriaki Goni

Expanded Art for a Social Technology.  //Counting Craters in dialogue between human and machine.

podMAST / Freddy Paul Gruenert

Displaying commons and resonances between Art and Science for a new start from the Zero.

podMAST / Jekatarina Cryptoparty

Empowering citizen agency and being excellent to each other.

podMAST / Marco Donnaruma

Human and machine relationship needs (art for) a new corporeal hybridity.

podMAST / Maya Indira Ganesh Plus

No autonomous cars without autonomous humans.

podMAST / Nahum Romero

Hypnosis or curriculum for a more humanistic space exploration.

podMAST / Jenny Brockmann

Leaving the audience unsatisfied through unstable systems, to create communication about urgent questions in society.

podMAST / Tiara Roxanne

Data Colonialism: Highlighting Socioeconomic Disparity of indigenous people.

podMAST / Robertina Šebjanič

When Art gets more rigorous than Science.

podMAST / Dieter Daniels

Hybrid research between Art and Science.

podMAST / Mast Workshop

Practical competencies and transferable skills in Art, Science and Technology.

A MAST module presentation at Occupying the middle // On Artistic Research and the Arts, Sciences and Technology transdisciplinary practices DATAMI exhibition closing, Bozar, Brussels.

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