Enhancing Quality in the Arts


As an Associated partner within the MAST project EQ-Arts, Amsterdam, NDL, will actively engage and work with the partners in setting up a quality culture towards an eventual European validation and accreditation of the programme. With their expertise, they shall explicitly collaborate in validationof the module, but also in quality assurance of the project. EQ-Arts is an independent foundation, originally founded by The European League of Institutes of the Arts ELIA. It collaborates with the EUA and has co-operation agreements with a.o. SKVC Lithuania, the Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA Archimedes), MusiQuE and AQ Austria.  As an Associated partner EQ-arts will also use this MA as a pilot environment to test its’ peer-coaching approach and enhancement based and developmental engagement as ‘critical friends’. It will provide a process and experts to validate the course and later accredit it. Key person participating on the part of EQ-Arts is Lars Ebert. Lars is a founding board member of EQ-Arts, the ELIA initiated sectoral quality assurance agency for higher arts education across Europe. He is an experienced reviewer for various national accreditation agencies and a trainer for QA reviewers. He is also the  Head of Research, Development and Advocacy at ELIA – The European League of Institutes of the Arts. Currently he represents ELIA in various projects such as CulturalBase. Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme or the Erasmus+ strategic partnership European Academy of Participation.

MAST Team | EQ Arts


Lars Ebert

EQ-Arts | Board Member

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