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In what way can the imagination of artists and their creativity tools bring about true novums at the crossings of technology and science, tackling the most complex challenges of the future, both for society at large, and the industries in particular? Participants from a variety of disciplines will jointly explore and identify the vectors of possible policy impacts and priorities for the future of Europe as well as create alliances for forward-thinking future actions. The range of events will include a short but cutting-edge symposium with four acclaimed speakers. The Hybrid Interfacing Academy will also feature a speculative situation to stimulate new pivotal points of innovation processes with a radical approach. More @ Follow live stream @ fb MAST


The MAST symposium took place 18. & 19.11.2019 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Speakers: Anja Ibsch, Chris Csikszentmihalyi, HEALLO crew, Jernej Č. Gerbec, Lucia Dubačová, Jurij Krpan, Lavoslava Benčić, Maria Judova, Marko Peljhan, N. Castillo & H. Thuemmel, N. Bovcon & A. Vaupotič, Robertina Šebjanič, Robert Manchin, Teena Lange, Valerie Wolf Gang, Vuk Ćosić, and more.


A series of open conversations among relevant voices from the crossings of Art, Science and Technology.


Enrol into MAST – Master Module in Art, Science and Technology

To become a part of MAST module piloting in year 2020/21, please consider enrolling:

  • either the Media Arts and Practices international master study programme at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Interested candidates are invited to consult the programme info package and the guidelines for international applicants at , and/or write to, where a consultation meeting (face2face or online) may be agreed;
  • or International Master in Interactive Media Design study programme at the Faculty of Engineering and Exact Science, University of MadeiraPortugal. Interested candidates are invited to consult the programme info package and the guidelines for international applicants at, and apply through .

Upcoming Event: MAST Hybrid IA 2020

The MAST Hybrid Interfacing Academy will  bring together key players, t(h)inkers, creators and decision-makers from the fields of art, science, industry and policymaking to attempt a bold shift towards new paradigms in industrial and social innovation. Read&See more @ //

Study Module

MAST Module Courses



The challenge invites students to respond with a unique and innovative solution that may become either an industry product or a public service, an art piece or an experimental design — or anything in between.
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COURSE | Graz | Austria

In a world of systemic crisis, with an apparent need for coexistence, conviviality and new ways of acting, the MAST project sets sails to explore alternative routes for a better living. Fostering ideas around the future worker’s identity the participants will reflect and build on own change-stimulating personal and social skills, both as leaders and creators within cultural industries. | more...

New Media & Contemporary Art

COURSE | Nova Gorica | Slovenia

The Studio course connects students and mentors from different disciplines into a cohesive topic-based and research-oriented production, usually in the form of a workshop. more...



COURSE | Funchal, Madeira | Portugal

PPP seeks to equip students with the ethical, organization, and practical knowledge required to imagine and develop products that advance and strengthen "social Europe" values of inclusion, diversity, and equality.. | more...


COURSE | Rijeka | Croatia

MAST Interfacing Academy is lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum. | more...

MAST | Master projects & theses

COURSE | Nova Gorica/Funchal

The Mast Thesis Challenge looks at ways we can design work, collectives, or enterprises to ensure a more inclusive, supportive, verdant, and open society. | more...


The MAST Project

The MAST project is developing an applied study module at the intersections of Art, Science and Technology, combining methodologies and practices that intertwine the academic sphere closely with the Culture and Creative Sectors.

Nurturing a critical perspective on the historical, economical, social and above all cultural relevance of this interdisciplinary blend within the new digital shift, the MAST project develops innovative, ICT-enhanced teaching and learning methods. Students from different countries and disciplines will, under mentorship of engineers, scientists and artists, in partnership with relevant NGOs and industry partners, jointly tackle challenges emerging from the paradox between the obviously disparate agendas of Europe's ambition towards innovation on the one side, and the need for social equity on the other.



The MAST challenge of 2018/19 is …

This year, the challenge is about: The Future of...

MAST Project Promoted with Partners

MAST Project Promoted with Partners.

I n n o v a t i v e | I n t e r d i s c i p l i n a r y | C o l l a b o r a t i v e


Tweets from the MAST

Daniela Urem

Daniela Urem

Creative Cultural Alliance

“MAST is adopting a holistic view rather than focusing solely on technological innovation — by combining R&D and creativity, including recent trends such as design thinking, open innovation, digitalisation, sustainable development, and resource-limited innovation. Join us! ”


Sergi Bermúdez i Badia


“MAST is a unique opportunity for our students to get an interdisciplinary education in arts, science and technology, while producing innovation that has the European social values at its core.”


Robert Manchin

Culture Action Europe | President

“If ever felt to balance your Art education with socially conscious tech training, MAST is a must for you!”


Peter Purg

UNG | Associate Professor

“ It surely feels windy & rocky up on the MAST, but you can see far — and definitely find the right course, if you keep up with the challenge! 


Franziska Hederer

Graz University of Technology | Associate Professor

“ Practicing good conviviality is a basic precondition for the future we want to live in, MAST is there to help research for the right tools to achieve it. 


Nayari Castillo-Rutz

Graz University of Technology | Research University Assistant

“ The future of education relies in the possibility to construct and implement ideas together, MAST researches on strategies and processes that lead to it 


Selected Past Events

MTF - MusicTechFest, a first Testbed for MAST

September 7, 2018
The hackaton invited interdisciplinary groups of professionals, students, and activists to respond responding to four challenges within a condensed 36 hour hackathon process.
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Unicult-MAST pilot programme in Croatia

July 2, 2018
Between July 2 and 16, 2018 the “Unicult” programme hosted a “pop-up”event of MAST that already involved piloting of some key methodologies of the module, as well as an explorations into the topics worth to be treated in the next academic year’s full pilot run.
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