The Croatian Cultural Alliance (CCA) is a member organization within Europe, representing artists, curators and professional cultural workers.

The CCA establishes close connections and interdependencies between teaching, research as well as the international collaboration, public projects and events. It promotes critical thinking and new forms of cultural policy and management, artistic and intellectual engagement at the intersections of art, culture, science, technology and society. For members, students and participants it means that there is time, space, and inspiration to discover and develop their own creative voices and showcase their work.

Driven by the belief that learning is a lifelong process, we create fast-paced, cross-disciplinary programs that embrace innovation and build community.  

Nurturing trans-disciplinary art-based research and generating investigatory and long-term projects are equally important as our educational programs. These key aspects of the Alliance’s activity are not intended as isolated and self-contained spheres but are rather conceived as mutually supplementing contingencies which are continuously and dynamically feeding into each other. We’re a living space, piloting and investigating ways to solve problems and create a better society. We believe that education in arts and culture while creating exemplified art productions will bring change and build stronger futures.  Through our SOS program, which resolves social issues, environmental and economical through projects, we work on everything from the integration of groups to political asylum seekers, to problem-solving environmental issues to creating special programming for schools to developing healthy entrepreneurial models and rehabilitating people in the process.

MAST team | Croatian Cultural Alliance

Daniela Urem

Daniela Urem

Croatian Cultural Alliance | President

Michela Magas

Stromatolite | Founder || Croatian Cultural Alliance | Board Member

Hedvig Morvai

Croatian Cultural Alliance | Board Member
ACMC_Anke Schad

Anke Schad

Croatian Cultural Alliance | Researcher, Facilitator

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