The European Creative Business Network (ECBN) shall support MAST sustainability and dissemination processes in four ways:

  • 1.) ECBN member agencies can implement and pilot the developed master study module MAST. Deliverable: ECBN transfer workshop with participants from 10 agencies of 10 nations; ECBN mentors 3 agencies for 6 months which volunteer and finance to implement MAST in their nation.
  • 2.) ECBN members can support the entry of MAST students in professional careers: A streamlined standard process is being built. Deliverable: ECBN organizes MAST startships (internships for persons to launch their own startup later on) and internships in its member organization. It is expected to start with 3 startships and 3 interships in 3 agencies in 3 nations.
  • 3.) ECBN can organize pitching and speeding dating events with science and tech organization, respective globally acting companies. Deliverable: 2 pitching events, one in collaboration with Station F, Paris, and one with The Arts Plus, Frankfurt.
  • 4.) ECBN can provide its webpage and social media to the MAST project and later on to all MAST students and their projects - for a continuous online presence and matching. The reach of its twitter channel is between 40.000 to 50.000 impressions per month.

ECBN is a unique not for profit foundation, founded in 2011, promoting the interests of the cultural creative industries in Europe. Our 45 industry defining members, currently stemming from 20 EU countries, are leading agencies, funders, promoters and intermediaries for the cultural creative industries on local, regional and/or national level. Together, we account for approx 70% of the workforce in cultural creative industries in Europe. ECBN focuses on advocacy since 2010 with its annual European Creative Industries Summit in Brüssels, welcoming f.e. EU-Commissioners as well as national ministers or leading companies such as Philipps or UNStudio. ECBN organizes services for its members - f.e. with in-depth know-how transfer with study tours or transnational exchange of culture creative companies to fully use the a benefits of the common single market.  In 2017 ECBN is part of the EU-funded project Co.Create and supports skill development in the design sector and of the EU-funded project European Creative Hubs, here specialized provider of an EU-wide barometer on the hubs in Europe.



Peter Purg

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts | Associate Professor, PhD

Chris Csíkszentmihályi

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute | European Research Area Chair

Franziska Hederer

Graz University of Technology | Associate Professor, DI.Dr.techn.
P4_Jurij Krpan_photo by Hana Josic

Jurij Krpan

Kersnikova Institute | Artistic Director & Chief Curator

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