MAST Manual

The MAST Manual is a culmination of condensed knowledge from the last 2 years of the project itself. It consists of guidance and deep reading on best practices and lessons learned in the implementation of the MAST project. The manual provides a practical focus on the combined curriculum co-design, mobility, partnering strategies, teaching methodologies as well as coherent peer criticism. The Manual is an open resource for those who are experimenting and implementing cross-disciplinary projects in the space between technological and social innovation agendas.

MAST ONLINE COURSE – Towards an Innovation Catalyst

MAST’s online course is a free and open-source module designed to guide students through methods that foster innovation and inspiration in the milieu of art, technology and science. It serves as an immersive interactive suite, a virtual learning platform and knowledge transfer model. The course curriculum includes 10 lectures, available online on the MAST website.

*  MAST project events (all)

Recommended Watching+

MAST Hybrid Interfacing Academy Sessions

At this concluding event of the MAST project, participants from a variety of disciplines have jointly explored and identified the vectors of possible policy impacts and priorities for the future of Europe as well as created alliances for forward-thinking future actions. The event itself presented the pinnacle of the MAST project, supported by Creative Europe, dedicated to developing an applied study module at the intersections of Art, Science and Technology, combining methodologies and practices that intertwine the academic sphere closely with the Culture and Creative Sectors.

Best of MAST Showcase

Symposium Videotalks

The MAST symposium took place 18. & 19.11.2019 in ex-Daimond (xD), Nova Gorica, Slovenia, connected to and cohabited with Pixxelpoint 2019 Festival. It sought to address an open variety of topics among Art, Science and Technology, discussing them through different prisms of the festival topic — “Checked Reality. The Work at the Interface Continues”.

podMAST Conversations

podMAST is a series of open conversations among relevant voices from the crossings of Art, Science and Technology. Springing from an apparent need for (archiving and reflecting) in-depth knowledge about this timely crossover, it shall remain publicaly accessible to incite dialog with other interested practitioners and thinkers.

The latter section of the website presents the selected  Public Project Results as such, besides the selected (above) links to key website categories also to the following selected public deliverables (as PDF files):

* MAST PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT // Career Development Guide for Art – Science – Technology  (PDF)

The MAST project Career Development Guide serves as a professional and personal development reference in the realm of Art, Science and Technology (AST). It aims to support a variety of needs for emerging practitioners and will also continue to be supported through Unicult learning events and opportunities through the project network partnerships.

* Cross-sector Innovation Transfer // MAST Business Plan (PDF)

The economic analysis showed that the MAST project is justified and represents added value for all users, the financial feasibility of carrying out the MAST project as such was confirmed. The set business model of the MAST project was proved to be sustainable in the long run, as the project from 2022 onwards shows considerable self-sustainability. Not only during its implementation but also at its finish the project may be estimated low-risk also for its possible future developments, as it clearly promotes an innovative idea and features a clear business model based on a professional team in capacity to face all the challenges and risks.

* “Progressive Pedagogies for Innovation among Art, Science and Technology: The Case of”

(upcoming  scientific article publication, pending editorial decision at the iJADE, The International Journal of Art & Design Education (upcoming link when published)

* Sustainable Impacts for Studying and Innovating through Art, Science and Technology // MAST Sustainability Plan (PDF)

The MAST Sustainability Plan reflects the actions and strategies of the MAST project consortium that are to safeguard the longevity of the project’s positive impacts both on the level of participating institutions, the manifold stakeholder groups involved, and the broader network of (future) partnerships that may evolve and benefit from the project’s results.

* Final Project Quality Report (PDF)

The present document gives an overview and general evaluation of the project, and incorporates the last year of implementation including the extension period (WP5-Evaluation/Final Report/Period 01.10.2019-30.11.2020), by building up on past deliverables and accumulates or brings together observations, interpretations, qualitative and quantitative analysis of data recollected across the entire project. Specially the solutions and reactions to adversity.

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