— 2019/20 is the second MAST edition, to view the legacy MAST Course Master projects & theses (2018/19) follow here —

The Mast Thesis Challenge looks at ways we can design work, collectives, or enterprises to ensure a more inclusive, supportive, verdant, and open society. Along the way we explore how key choices in our art, design, and technology help or harm a virtuous circle of progressive European social values. As Europe (and the world) is being destabilized and disrupted by digital technologies, we must work to create a digital future that reinforces and reinstills the best parts of our society. How can we weave hard-won values — like social justice, strong labor, gender equality, and quality culture — into the fabric of new digital innovations?

NOTE: This Challenge requires supervisors from at least 2 institutions of the MAST consortium, and awards a MAST Thesis certificate.


With reference to the Dublin Descriptors specific for 2 cycles, the focus falls on two main aspects: a) Propping up the level of knowledge of 1st cycle, developing the fundamental conceptual processes and applying the necessary techniques and essential tools, though revised, particularly in the context of research; Allowing the student to demonstrate ability to hold sound judgments, including reflections on the ethical and social implications. In addition to the systemic powers referred to in Descriptors Dublin, it is considered fundamental that the student must acquire the following skills, specific to the design of Media Interactive area: Problem resolution in this context; Logical and systematic reasoning in building solutions; Ability to address modeling tasks, communication, collaboration, improvisation, video production and animation, service design, game design and construction of narratives in a broad media spectrum.


The course aims at the fundamental objective of training and qualifying active agents, aspiring or established professionals as well as researchers and academics in the creative field of interactive media providing students with cutting­edge knowledge related to interactive digital media and developing simultaneously skills necessary for their future application. Through involvement in projects, students have the opportunity to develop practical skills and gather experiences, while developing contacts that will be invaluable in accessing the labor market, in various sectors of industry, creative and technological, as creators, producers, designers , managers or entrepreneurs. Capitalizing on the experience gained with the partnership between the M­ITI and the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, through the Master of Entertainment Tecnhology, an effective approach to new creative fields of digital media.


// TBA //


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LOCATION: Nova Gorica | Funchal, Madeira
DURATION: 2 semesters
CREDIT VALUE | Funchal, Madeira: 45 ECTS | Nova Gorica, Slovenija: 22 ECTS | is yet to be specified and remains integrated into the above thesis curriculum in the MAST project along 2019 and 2020.
LANGUAGE (English)
LEVEL (postgrad., MA)


— 2019/20 is the second MAST edition, to view the legacy MAST Course Master projects & theses (2018/19) follow here —

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