As an associate partner of the MAST project Stromatolite ( has the ability to support with dissemination and outreach through showcase and education laboratory opportunities within the Music Tech Fest and associated #MTF Labs, in conjunction with its highly relevant 5000+ strong global network of innovators, performers, students, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from across the creative arts and sciences. Stromatolite has expertise in building innovation ecosystems; organising education, innovation and knowledge exchange laboratories; running creative, industry and market testbeds; evolving innovation process methodologies; and developing market adoption and intellectual property guidelines. Through its STEAM methodologies, Stromatolite achieves equal gender split in all of its technology laboratories, with inclusion and diversity across social and cultural groups, and no barriers to accessibility. Stromatolite will work with the MAST project to organise and deliver interdisciplinary laboratory events as appropriate, as well as provide external event participation within the Activity 3.1-Sharing of Results and Experiences. Music Tech Fest Directors Michela Magas and Andrew Dubber will collaborate with CCA / Unicult programme on their specific curriculum development, as faculty and mentors.

MAST Team | Stromatolite


Michela Magas

Stromatolite | Founder || Croatian Cultural Alliance | Board Member

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