The below description is the orginal idea provided by the MAST partner Kitchen Budapest that left the consortium in October 2018. MAST sincerely regrets that this course never got to be piloted. Instead other curricular solutions were implemented throughout other intensive courses and the curriculum, such that pertain to developing entrepreneurial attitudes and reflecting career and employment possibilities especially in the context of Creative Industries.

Idea to Concept course

… helps to bring an idea to a structured concept, with the help of business modelling and project management.




The goal of this workshop is to give an overview  about the concept of business modelling which helps to  develop an idea with using the method of Business Model Canvas. Besides the students will learn about how to work on a concept/ project and reach the goals with the method of Project Management.


Students will be able to understand the business background of an idea and learn how to bring idea into a concept. They will use the Business Model Canvas tool for giving a structure to the concept and will be able to work successfully  with people from different background by learning the Project Management.



Introduction of Business Modelling and Business Model Canvas

Workshop with Business Modelling

Introduction of Value Proposition Canvas

Workshop of creating the Value Proposition Canvas of the Ideas

Introduction of Project Management and Project Management tools

ASSESSMENT >> describe as much as you can/know by know, 20-50 words

COURSE MATERIALS >>  >> describe as much as you can/know by know, 20-50 words, provide any link (with title) if available



LOCATION (Budapest)

DURATION (3 days)



LANGUAGE (English)  English

LEVEL (postgrad., MA)

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