Hybrid IA

In September, the MAST consortium will gather in Ljubljana, Slovenia, bringing together key players, t(h)inkers, creators and decision-makers from the fields of art, science, industry and policymaking to attempt a bold shift towards new paradigms in industrial and social innovation. 

In what way can the imagination of artists and theircreativity tools bring about true novums at the crossing of technology and science, tackling the most complex challenges of the future? Participants from a variety of disciplines will jointly explore and identify the vectors of possible policy impacts and priorities for the future of Europe as well as create alliances for forward-thinking actions. 

A three-day event will take-on a new, hybrid format, with most of the activities organized and streamed live, allowing the participants to take part regardless of the COVID-19 situation at that time. 

The range of events will encompass a short but cutting-edge symposium with acclaimed speakers. The Hybrid IA will also feature a speculative situation stimulating new pivotal points of innovation processes with a radical approach.  Different stakeholders will be brought together to ideate primarily with(in) the artistic realm by adopting the methods and formats of a “challenge lab” — as a recently accredited study module. In addition, an overview of best practices and experiments of how “art thinking” could empower the catalyst of innovation, spanning over the project’s two years, will be featured via an exhibition, presented by MAST students and mentors. Moreover, two policy-making workshops will be organised with strategically architectured list of participants — one in education, the other in the realm of industry.

The event itself presents the culmination of the MAST module project, supported by Creative Europe, dedicated to developing an applied study module at the intersections of Art, Science and Technology, combining methodologies and practices that intertwine the academic sphere closely with the Culture and Creative Sectors.

Guests TBC

Start Time

10:00 am

22nd September 2020

Finish Time

10:00 pm

23rd September 2020


Kersnikova Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Event Participants

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