Big Plans of MAST Module Presented at Speculum Artium

At this hi-profile round table of the international media art festival Speculum Artium, the MAST module rationale and ambition were presented alongside three globally relevant master programmes in art, science and technology.

Round table: Challenges of intermedia education in the beginning of 21st century
presentation of international interdisciplinary study programs in “art – science – new technology”:

  • Prof. Aki Yamada, PhD representing Empowerment Informatics, PhD and M.A.  level, Uni. of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Prof. Christa Sommerer, PhD and Prof. Laurent Mignonneau, PhD representing Interface Culture, PhD and M.A. level, Uni. Linz, Austria
  • Prof. Victoria Vesna, PhD and Prof. Jim Gimzewski, program UCLA Art|Sci Center and Art Sci NanoLab, Uni. of LA, California, USA
  • Prof. Peter Purg, PhD: representing Media Arts and Practices, M.A. level, Uni. of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Start Time

12:00 am

7th September 2018

Finish Time

12:00 am

7th September 2018

Event Participants

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