MAST at “Beyond the Obvious” conference on: ctrl+shift HUMAN

The ctrl+shift HUMAN: Arts, Sciences and Technologies in Coded Societies conference recognizes that “Code, algorithms and artificial intelligence complement the human condition, can solve problems, accelerate decision-making, and help complete complex tasks through self-learning processes. The framework in which these operate is often defined as a communication system that is universal, transparent, simple and accessible. However, algorithmic processes are inscribed in our infrastructures. And beyond the purely functional transmission and transformation of the data, they often work invisibly, shaping and influencing social, cultural, economical and political spheres and redefining our individual and common identities. This year’s Beyond the Obvious (BtO) Conference ctrl+shift HUMAN: Arts, Sciences and Technologies in Coded Societies will focus on that paradigm: between the fascination generated by the possibilities this hybrid and augmented condition brings, and the awareness of the new patterns that lead to redefinitions of creativity, disciplines, representation, globalization, production, labor… all within the framework of an increasing code dependence.” (More on the conference website)

At the conference Chris Csikszentmihályi, the European Research Area Chair at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (MITI) representative at the MAST project will give a conference keynote, while Peter Purg of University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (UNG), as the coordinator of the MAST project will lead a workshop in which inputs for the Master Module curriculum development shall be gathered from a motley yet representative crowd at this topically relevant conference. Organised by the Culture Action Europe (CAE) this event is one of the key pop-up events of the MAST project.

Start Time

2:00 pm

24th October 2018

Finish Time

5:00 pm

27th October 2018

Event Participants

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